Since grab is getting so popular being an all rounder providing so many transport options for the public, I hope grab can look into providing school shuttle services.

Grab can look into routes around the neighbourhood and come out with routes at regular intervals to allow school students to travel between home and school seamlessly, without needing to squeeze on the crowded buses and also waiting for up till 10 minutes for a bus.

It is also good in the sense that for parents with primary school kids, parents can avoid paying extra money to school bus operators during school vacation periods like June and December as these school bus service providers are cheating our money and also making us pay more for it, they are already earning so much money from other jobs they have and also during school terms and now they want to take our money during school vacation? That’s horrendous!

Grab, please look into providing such pay as you board school bus services, it would be an ideal alternative choice for the public.

Thank you.

A.S.S. Contributor

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