NCMP for the Workers' Party Leon Perera and Junior Minister for the People's Action Party Chee Hong Tat crossed swords once again in parliament, this time over the issue of an edited parliamentary video uploaded by Mediacorp.

In a Facebook post uploaded yesterday, Chee accused Mr Perera of making serious allegations of editing parliamentary videos in a partisan way. Mr Perera had written a letter to Mediacorp about the shortened video and raised this point as part of a question on who holds the rights to parliamentary videos. The clip in question was allegedly cut short due to technical glitches as claimed by Mediacorp. Chee claims that the cut off video had already been repaired by the time Mr Perera wrote to Mediacorp.

In response to Chee's attack, Perera posted on his Facebook clarifying that he made no assertions that Mediacorp had edited the videos in a partisan way. He said his parliamentary and supplementary questions were related to the copyright of the videos.

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