I like to fetch students from NUS business school. You get a chance to learn something without paying school fee to NUS.

So when i fetched this young man from that school, the first thing he asked me was “should i be a taxi driver or drive grab car?”.

I told him “young man, you should have big ambition, look at my brother Anthony Tan, he attended Harvard Business school and today he is the Boss of Grab.”

Young man said “wa, your Brother is boss and you still driving a taxi”.

I told him “i enjoy sending people home. By the way, since you are from the Business school, can you teach me how to start a business?”.

The young man said he don’t know. I told him “i only have a little bit of knowledge, but let me share with you. First you create a problem, then you sell the solution”.

The young man said “wa, you can teach in my school!”.

When we reached his home in Sengkang he said “Thank you for telling me what i did not learn in school.”

The young man was happy and i was happy too.

This post first appeared on Singapore Taxi Drivers.

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