Dear A.S.S. Editors,

Our Singapore government is too kind towards heavy and commercial vehicles but mean towards us bike and car owners, yesterday’s COE bidding results is like going towards next year’s 0% car growth and our government is using a very stupid excuse by saying that Singapore do not have enough land to accommodate so many cars and bikes.

Now one thing i would like to ask is that are cars and bikes occupying so many space or a heavy vehicle? There is a surplus of the number of commercial vehicles on the roads now! Not cars! Are there so many jobs now that require this enormous amount of heavy and commercial vehicles? Take a look at factories, heavy vehicle parks and also our LTA bus depots, look at the number of these vehicles sitting down in the yards, there is no reason why people should be buying heavy and commercial vehicles now so the LTA should not even encourage the growth of the number of heavy and commercial vehicles
on the roads! There are just too many of them already!

LTA should seriously reduce the number of heavy and commercial vehicles and also stop the growth of these vehicles until majority of them are due for de-registration! Stop making us car and bike owners suffer! We need a car or bike because its too time consuming to travel around Singapore!


A.S.S. Contributor

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