A reader asked FAS Deputy President Bernard Tan on Saturday for the FAS plans and targets and noted that the Lions ranking are now at a historic low.

In response, Tan wrote -“Its a question that requires ten years of review. Whatever is done now affects the team in 2027. So you have to look back to 2007 to answer this question.”

So the Deputy President is suggesting that the FAS led by Mr Ho Peng Kee as President in 2007 is responsible for todays state of football? But wait. A quick check online revealed that current FAS President Lim Kia Tong was a Vice President of FAS in 2007 and he was chairman of Football Excellence Committee which was in charge of youth development and national team. So does Lim agree with Tan’s assessment?

And what has Tan, who was appointed as FAS VP in 2013, been doing for the last 4 years?

Most importantly, should Tote Board, a stat board under Ministry of Finance, be concerned about how FAS has been spending its grants and funding to FAS since 2007 – the year Tan mentioned as one which impacts todays state of football?

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