Dear A.S.S. Editor

A friend suggested that I do a “Top 10” of the worse things that have been or continue to be done to Singaporeans, or the worse things that happened in 2017. After looking at just the last 10 days – I decided to change it to “The top 10 worse things that happened to Singaporeans in the last 10 days “?

So, here’s my selection:-

… Transport fares formula resulted in 5.4% reduction in fares for everybody, but -3.2% deferred to next year? (“MRT: You don’t care – why should I?“, Nov 3)

… Don’t ever come home for more than 140 days? (“MediShield Life: Don’t come home for over 140 days, or else?” Oct 27)

… Most powerful or worse passport? (“Most powerful passport: Most open immigration?” Oct 25)

… No jobs? (“IT sector: Highest jobs growth potential, but highest unemployment rate also?”, Nov 4)

… Less people get less help? (“GST Voucher: 730,000 less people get it?”, Nov 1)

… Record debts? (“Bank lending up: Record debts?”, Nov 1)

… Put more in CPF? (“CPF Tips: A “1-sided” story?“, Oct 29)

… More elderly have to work? (“Elderly women “expect to work” up 3 times?“, Oct 27)

… How much lower can graduates’ pay go? (“University graduates’ pay only $2,250?“, Nov 2)

… More unemployed? (“Unemployment rate down due to new PRs/citizens?”, Oct 27)

Leong Sze Hian

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