SMRT will be taking action against 6 SMRT staff over the falsification of maintenance records, which led to the recent water pump breakdown at Bishan MRT interchange. 7 managers will be investigated over possible neglect of their supervisory duties.

SMRT’s management has also received several submissions of self-admitted incidents of maintenance work not being carried out in response to its offer of amnesty. The submissions are being studied.

According to SMRT’s statement to the media, “SMRT’s investigation noted that the assigned maintenance team for the Bishan portal sump pump last carried out corrective maintenance works on 13 July 2017. However, the investigation revealed that there were instances of falsified records of scheduled maintenance works by this team between December 2016 and June 2017.”

“The team of six members from the Building & Facilities Maintenance group comprised a manager, an engineering supervisor and four other crew members. Disciplinary proceedings will follow. A further inquiry is being conducted against seven other managerial staff from this Maintenance group, including two Vice-President level executives, all of whom have been suspended, with respect to their discharge of supervisory responsibility.”

“An amnesty was extended to all staff who step forward and voluntarily report gaps. The amnesty ended on 3 November 2017, and a number of submissions relating to scheduled maintenance works not being carried out have been received from the Building & Facilities Maintenance group, which is also responsible for the Bishan water discharge system. The returns are being studied.”

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