40 year-old Saudi Arabian diplomat Bander Yahya A. Alzahrani has been ordered to serve his jail sentence of 26 months and a week despite his attempt to defer his sentence for the third time in a row.

Alzahrani was in Singapore for a holiday with his family when he checked into a Singapore hotel. He was shown to his suite by a 20 year-old female intern whom he took liberties on.

While showing the diplomat around the room, the diplomat took the intern’s hand and asked for a hug. As she had seen her superior offering hugs to guests, she did as she was asked as she did not want to offend the diplomat.

However, when she embraced him, Alzahrani pinned her arms to her body and began to kiss her in spite of her fighting to push him away. Alzahrani then turned the woman around with her back facing him and groped all over her body before placing one of her hands on his groin. The victim fought and finally broke free at that point.

Despite this, Alzahrani persisted. He asked the victim for a kiss and said he wanted to “put it in” before forcing the poor woman against the wall, groping and kissing her in the process. He also lifted her dress.

The intern broke free again and showed the man out of the room before resuming her work routine. She resumed her work but her distress was visible to her colleagues, who pressed her to tell them what had transpired.

Evidence of Alzahrani’s DNA was found on the intern’s clothes and presented in court.

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