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A man took advantage of the fact that there was no one around the donation containers at the Bishan Salvation Army, went home and brought back his trolley to the premises to steal. He did this with the aim of to resell the items to recycling companies.

Tan Cheok Yen, 43, stole 311 items such as books, clothes, shoes and compact discs, worth $941, at the Salvation Army located on Bishan Street 22 on Aug 25 this year, despite there being signs proclaiming “The donated items here are the property of The Salvation Army. Stealing them is an offence punishable by law”.

An Uber driver passing the site at about 12.55am saw Tan arranging boxes on a trolley beside the donation containers. Five minutes later, he saw Tan walk past while pushing the trolley filled with the items. The driver called the police and Tan was arrested. All the items were recovered.

Tan was sentenced to eight months in jail for his offences.

Matthew Png

A.S.S. Contributor

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