I am writing in to appeal for my incentive crawl-back and car rental deposit

I received a call from Grab Office on the 17.10.17 around 5pm, informing me that I was banned by Grab Investigation Office.

They commented that they suspected me doing Fake Trips and that how I managed to hit weekly incentive trips . The weekly incentive I can hit is around $500.00 – $800.00 weekly.

With that they also threatened to make police report claiming that I have cheated Grab on their INCENTIVES given.

The claims that Grab have on me is doing me injustice. In order to fight for the incentives trip, I have been driving long hours and late night trips. My wife even asked me to stop driving too long trips which might damage my health. Because of this, we had a few quarrels and in return Grab made such a claim on my achievement.

I have feedback to grab office that Samsung TABLET is giving me a lot of problem and sometimes even hang. This could be the reason why they claim that the trip have error. Frankly speaking, why would I need to make FAKE TRIPS when I need to pay Grab 20% commission for trip that I did not get pay? Would anyone be so stupid to do that? The incentives involved so many trips in order to hit, so how many trip does grab think that i can fake? This is such a ridiculous claim that grab have on me and for a driver which have been driving so much in order to hit the incentive, this is really too much.

I have told them to show me evidence on my FAKE TRIPS and If evidence can really proof that?

They cannot FORFEITED my INCENTIVES of $810.00 for 09.10.17 to 15.10.17 as it was very HARD EARN MONEY and my PETROL COST.

With that I also told them that I have 6 months contract with Grab Car Rental… my deposit $1500.00 would be FORFEITED.. THEY told me that is my problem.

The INVESTIGATION OFFICERS is very nasty and treated me very harsh at the office.. they mentioned once they have suspected that I have done FAKE TRIPS. They will definitely banned me for life.

Without listening to my explanation, they called 3 SECURITY GUARDS to their office to ask me out immediately.

They told me that their decision was firmed and have no time to entertain me

They threatened me that if I am unhappy, feel free to appeal to their higher authorities

Therefore, I sincerely hope that the authority can investigate the case properly and do me justice for such unreasonable claims and do not forfeit me my hard earn incentives of $810.00 and also my Grab Car Rental Deposit of $1500.00. I have even been sharing with my friends and people around me that it a good choice to drive grab which I managed to drive and hit the incentives and earn good money for my family. Grab offer high incentives but please do not give me the impression that the incentives is only for attractions and cannot hit too many times even if I willing to drive long hours. Ability to hit incentives will lead to Grab to doubt on the reliably If I really did drive or they are all fake trips which I make?

I have family to feed and that is why working so hard in order to hit those incentive that grab have given to us. But never to expect that the incentive is only for attraction and not for achieving.

I am feeling very injustice for the treatment that Grab have given me and I seek higher authority to bring justice to such treatment of me… Return me my Hard Earn Incentives of $810.00 and my Grab Car Rental Deposit $1500.00!

– $810.00 INCENTIVES from 09.10.17 to 15.10.17.
– Grab Car Rental Deposit $1500.00 FORFEITED

Should the authority unable to undress my injustice, I will not hesitate to bring this case to the media and public.

People around me which I have shared on the great benefits of being a grab drivers will too be in doubts why did I not drive grab anymore. Some have even went through the registration of their interests in joining in as a grab.

Mr Fernando Soh (Contact: 8XXXXXX44)
A.S.S. Contributor

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