I am very pissed with the LTA’s move to make car growth to 0% with effect from next year! Have they ever thought of why are people buying cars? They should stop the growth of commercial vehicles as they are occupying too much of our road space!

People are buying cars because the LTA refused to boost the efficiency of public transport, instead, waste money and resources on operating redundant bus services whereby the resource and money can be used to invest on useful and good bus services and rail network.

If they think that cars are causing jams, then what about heavy vehicles? Firstly, let me give some examples, I live in Bukit Panjang and I can tell you that many bus services here or in the west are really redundant:

1. Service 77: There is another bus service, 106 that serves Bukit Batok and Marina Centre too, so why is there a need for 77? It’s route can be serve by 61, 106, 173 and 852!

2. Service 190: This used to be an all time favourite service between Choa Chu Kang, Bukit Panjang and Orchard/ Chinatown but not anymore ever since the implementation of the downtown line, to make matters worse, this service has got 60 buses deployed, especially during peak hours, and bunching up to 6 buses is a common sight which often leads to massive jam because this services uses double decks and articulated buses! This service must be withdrawn as it is no longer useful as Bukit Panjang residents are better off with downtown line and service 972!

3. Service 700: This service duplicates with downtown line, service 960 and 972! Passengers going to Newton, Orchard and Shenton Way are better off and faster taking the downtown line than this service! I work at Shenton Way and when I don’t drive, I take the downtown line to Bugis and transferred another train to Tanjong Pagar, mind you, its way much faster as I only take 45 minutes to reach the office, if I take 700 or 971E, it’s going to take me at least 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes!

So you see, I urge the LTA to work closely with their sub-contractors like the 4 public transport Operators and so a thorough review on their bus routes, why waste so much of taxpayers money and resources on bus services that are useless and serve no purpose whereby the money can be saved with such recourses invest in other better routes and they will have more money to spend on the necessary maintenance of our train network. Why keep increasing fares where so much money is used this way?

And because of these not only commuters are suffering, we car owners, or should I say those genuinely need a car to get around are suffering because of the government’s foolishness and stupidity? If they think by stopping growth of private cars and motorbikes can solve the scarcity of land and congestion problem, they are god damn wrong! By making private car growth to 0%, I can tell you, our country’s money will decline sharply as car dealers will suffer from huge business losses.

I hope to garner more feedback from audiences and if possible, do up a petition to make sure our government sit down and do some soul searching before coming up with such naive ideas.

A.S.S. Contributor

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