I’ve approached all known Pro Bono Services in Singapore for my ongoing (and now into the 3rd year) Divorce case.

From Legal Aid to Catholic Pro Bono Services to Singapore Legal Society of Pro Bono Services to State Court, Community Services Centre and to 2 MPs when all they can say was;
(1) We only provide advice (time limit imposed especially, by Community Services Centre at State Court – 20 mins and table clock rings and out you go regardless of stage of deliberation).
(2) You don’t qualify (initially, by LAB and only after MOS, MINLAW support, LAB supported with wayang all the way).
(3) Not approve etc..

Critically; NO transparency and accountability on WHY, the desperately urgent support/assistance needed was NOT GIVEN. All these bureaucracies said this was because of corporate policy – we don’t provide the reason to you. What a BULL…….

Worst still, Legal Aid (LAB) said in withdrawing on two (2) occasions (just before trial date) without any clarification opportunity given to me;
(1) You have no case (LAB is now Judge, Jury and Executioner making decision even before my case could be seen or heard by the Judge/Court). Is this not PREJUDICE AGAINST ME (the Defendant)?-
(2) You don’t listen to the lawyer (how to when, they failed to represent your best interest. To them, it’s a number game, close case fast and life goes on. Another BULL)

Now I’m defending myself out of desperation to get the truth told.

My continue search for help is ongoing with HOPE HOPE and HOPE for just one believer of TRUTH (Judge and Lawyer too) for Natural Justice to be heard and seen in securing, an informed, Just and Fair outcome.

Please help to share my Frustration and ongoing fight for the Truth to be told and for JUSTICE to Prevail in Singapore.

A true Legal professional is sought. To date, all encountered failed to representation my best interest.

To these wayang lawyers (senior ones’ too),
(1) Lying is and must not be the order of the day
(2) Don’t be a wolf in sheep clothing
(3) Don’t treat Divorce case as a number game; it’s about One’s or more Human LIFE involved (children too)
(4) Be true to your profession Creed – Greed (Money), Power and Status will do no good to your self conscience if, ever there’s one.

Thank you

A.S.S. Contributor

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