An Amercian living in Singapore has praised the country’s tough gun control laws after the terrible Las Vegas shootings. She said that she felt safe as there were no guns allowed in Singapore, there was no need to be worried about unstable or angry people abusing gun ownership. She urged the world to take a good look at how Singapore has controlled guns and provided a safe city to live in.

Singapore Gun Control:

“Singapore has no guns. In fact, it has one of the toughest and most successful gun control laws in the world – according to the 1973 Arms Offences Act, unlawful possession or carrying of firearms is punishable with imprisonment of up to 14 years and caning of six strokes. Worse, using or attempting to use arms when committing a scheduled offense is punishable with death, as is trafficking in arms.”

No Gun At All:

“So, many people outside of Singapore wonder what that’s like. Here you go: It’s awesome. We don’t need them because we feel safe; and we feel safe because people do not have guns. We don’t have to worry about how unstable or angry people might react if they lost it and had access to guns. Because, no guns.”

Lucky To Live In Singapore:

“I want people to know there is a world without guns. There is such a thing as the safest city and country in the world. I’m very lucky to live here, in Singapore.”

Some excerpts from her article can be found, to read the full article please visit the link below:

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