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Singapore now has a problem with a generation of rude and selfish people around. This has even manifested itself in a secondary school student, who just threw his rental bike on the floor and walked away. No doubt the spat of rental bikes being left anywhere as people pleased have poisoned this young fella’s mind.

We recently saw a student from Fajar secondary school throwing the obike onto the floor at block 465 Choa Chu Kang. We knew he was from that school as he was wearing the school uniform with the word Fajar on it.

He just threw the obike in view of some passerby and waited for the lift. Then we heard a guy talking to the boy to tell him that he should park his bike properly and not obstruct the lift lobby area, but the boy simply ignored him and went up when the lift came. Then a minute later, we saw him again at the 1st floor lobby and he just walked away. We only managed to take a pic of his backview in the pic.

Question is, is this a result of bad parenting or poor education of moral values in school? Or simply our younger generation being easily influenced by what they see online, and think there is no wrong in his actions?

Michelle L

A.S.S. Contributor

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