Dear A.S.S. Editor

When NEA officer are doing their duty, yes if someone is smoking under shelter and under the law is wrong, then it is fine to go and summon those guilty of doing it. But if it’s raining at the least an NEA officer can do is to ask the culprit to throw away the cigarette. You cannot expect someone to light up under rain, right?

When only the culprit refuse and don’t bother after you have advised them, then you fine them. This is completely alright.

But what happens if I am holding an umbrella and I am smoking under shelter in the rain? Ironical it may sound, are you going to give me a summon immediately without warning to put out the cigarette for smoking under shelter in the rain? After all, I am holding an umbrella, so technically, i should be able to smoke away from the shelter, with the umbrella sufficiently protecting me from the rain.

Bottom line is make that effort to gain respect while doing your duties rather then arguing and making an ugly scene. People see this and they will deem your as such an unreasonable guy. Use common sense lah, if it is raining, no need to summon. Kindly tell the person to put out the cigarette. Simple, isn’t it?

Danny Oh

A.S.S. Contributor

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