I am sorry I did not ask his name. We have never even thought about thanking people such as our drivers. Why not? They are doing a fantastic job serving us, taking us places and doing their job well.

BUS NO 901/ TIB 1180P TIME 8.00PM WOODLANDS AVE 1 .want to say thank you to this bus captain. This is not the first time. I was about 20 to 30m away and he spotted me walking with my walking aid.

He waited TILL I reached and got up the bus 901. I understood how the commuters feel. I waved my hand to say I thank you all for being patient.

This is not the first time I saw this particular Bus Captain doing it. I clearly remember along Yishun a Malay mother with 3 kids was walking towards the bus. The older girl got in first and told him, ” My mother is coming” he waited. till all boarded the bus.

I am thankful enough that despite of your bus services to take care of, you always give us time. It has always been a pleasure to have.

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