Dear A.S.S. Editor,

We had unpleasant experience when we stayed at V Hotel Lavender (30 September 2017). The hotel manager, Mr. Teo at around 16.00 PM out of the blue knocked my door and without hesitation accused us to take additional keyroom and insist we should return it. We didn’t know anything about the room key and he insisted we took the room key 1266 which weirdly is not even our room.

We booked 14 rooms for our group and none stayed at room 1266. We ask them to check by himself room 1266. He done that while I stay in shower room and knocking without manner at all.

After I asked them to check, he didn’t give any news and so we call receptionist to confirm to him and later the manager again call me back and accused us some more that we took other room key 1141 which we definitely felt was insult!.

I ask him again what happen in room 1266, he said the room was empty !! Because of this accusation we go down to receptionist to ask him again for explanation and Mr Teo still didn’t want to apologize and threaten us to open CCTV and still insist someone of us take room key (which I think very nonsense since room key only can be given by your staff !! and why on earth we want to take room key ).

I am really disappointed that this unprofessional behavior can be done by V Hotel Manager where I know the hotel is very reputable among tourists to Singapore.

He accused, insist that we stole the key without proof and without intention to apologize after realize that his accusation was wrong. He only apologized after we insist that he apologize for his baseless accusation. Until check out, we didn’t receive formal apology from manager and even when he said he will open CCTV and show the proof he didn’t dare to do it because we believe we are in the right position and never do anything about the room card key.

I hope that someone from management take this serious issues regarding this unpleasant experience since we were really disappointed and angered with his action.

A.S.S. Contributor

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