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A 40 year old Filipino store manager, who is married with two kids was jailed for seven months for sneaking up on his colleague to kiss her and grope her breasts. A month earlier, just to prove what an all round scumbag that he is, he had also threatened to circulate nude photos of his ex-girlfriend, a 27-year-old Filipino, in what he claims was an attempt to stop her from contacting him. He was jailed six months for that offence.

The man denied molesting his co-worker, a 23-year-old Singaporean. He maintained that the kiss was consensual and he was giving her a “massage”. The incident happened on Nov 2 in 2015, when he and his victim were alone in the dry store of their workplace. Walking up from behind her, he reached into her polo T-shirt and slipped his hand under her bra to touch her breasts. He then pulled her to his lap and kissed her on the lips. The victim said that she cried and left the dry store. She later stopped returning to work. Her other co-workers were shocked and doubted her account of what had happened.

For the criminal intimidation offence, the court heard that the man had sent two email messages to his ex-girlfriend, threatening to forward her nude photographs to her friends and relatives. In his first email, he attached 19 nude photos of her, asking her if she wanted people in her office or her Facebook friends to see the pictures first. A second email with a similar message carried 13 nude photos of her.

When the man was handed his sentence, his wife was present. Wonder what she thinks of him now.

Nigel Tan

A.S.S. Contributor

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