I was onboard on SQ 0325 from Frankfurt to Singapore on 02 Oct 17 at 2200hrs flight. Midway through the flight one young German teenage girl in the economy class just throw up and was not feeling too good. She was kind In a poor health condition. Luckily, she didn’t travel alone and had a buddy with her to help her out.

I was sitting just behind one row seat away at 47E and hers was 46A.

I was impressed by the cabin lead crew and team on how they excute their protocol of a ill passenger onboard. Their extra effort on how to handle emergency situation when a passenger was really about to pass out shows their work professionalism.

They make her in comfortable by providing medicine. One kind local singapore gentleman gave up his aisle seat sitting the same row with her and sat on to another seat so that she can rest fully her body lay down.. A great gesture shown from a local to a foreigner.

Each time the cabin crew keep a look out on her and was asking if she going fine and helped her whatever her needs was. With the extra caution attention and medical needs from the crew, she had a good rest and recover when the plan touch down. Everyone around her row was concern and ask her how’s she feeling.

She was glad and talk with energetic and apologise for any inconvenience cause to other passengers. And her friend was delighted as well to say we are on course with our Bali trip.

It has been always great experience to fly with SQ. A great service orientated airline which never fails you if you onboard with them.

A.S.S. Contributor

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