Dear A.S.S. Editor

SingTel really don’t care that you are a loyal customer even in my case where I have only used SingTel since my first electronic device (pager era). I had some issues on my home fibre, so I called up SingTel and they told me they will need to conduct a test on phone, so an appointment was made for 10 pm to rectify problem via phone as I am working.

I went back home early without doing overtime, but it was a no-show and no-call from SingTel. The next day when I called them, they apologised and made another appointment at night to call me but it was yet another no-show. Exasperated, I called SingTel on the 3rd day to arrange for technicians to just come to my house for rectification on my fibre. This time they told me I would need to pay $60 if there is proved to be no problem on my fibre (without doing the phone check).

I already wasted 2 days after work without doing my necessary overtime work just to go home waiting for SingTel to fulfill their empty promises. Until now, my fibre problem is still not solved. And as I’m still under contract, I am unable to terminate.


A.S.S. Contributor

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