Following a shocking post by a Korean ChannelNewsAsia TV producer, who alleged on Facebook that she was the victim of sexist behavior and sexual harassment, ChannelNewsAsia’s communications team has gotten in touch with A.S.S. to clarify its position on the scandalous accusations.

In an email, MediaCorp’s Karen Chow, head of Brand and Communications, wrote: “Mediacorp does not condone sexism in our workplace. We take a serious view to this matter and are investigating.”

The allegations by the TV producer first came to the attention of netizens on a popular local forum, who took a screenshot of her posts and uploaded them online.

The accusations branded some colleagues that she worked with as sexist, and she shared that she had been at the receiving end of inappropriate sexual advances during the course of her work. She wrote that she was upset by such treatment and was even more infuriated when she shared such experiences with her friends and colleagues, only to be told to brush them off or to just get on with her job.

She claims she was even encouraged not to report the incidents as they may be just misunderstandings.

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