A netizen has shared a humorous email about a letter he read on the Straits Times.
Read his account here.
"I read this letter with amusement this morning. 
I am referring to this TODAY letter, 'Give those with no religious beliefs a voice in efforts to promote peace' by Dharmendra Yadav posted on 2 October.
This guy is basically feeling left out of the inter-religious youth programme and wants in, but having no religion means that he is not invited to a "religious" meetup.
He tells them, "There appears to be an increasing trend of young persons having no religion. If the mandate of the IRO is to promote racial and religious harmony in Singapore and it is serious about this, surely the “faithless” that constitute such a significant part of Singapore need to have a seat at the table."
I'm not sure what he really wants to achieve by attending a religious meeting. Does he want to shoot down each and every religious belief he sees on sight there?
So what is he going to do when the government wants to bless their F1 tracks and MRT trains again? Stand there and curse at Khaw Boon Wan?"
A.S.S. Contributor

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