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One of Singapore’s richest man, billionaire Peter Lim, has lodged two police reports after his name and images were used in online scams. The Singaporean investor warns members of the public not to fall for the scams, and is concerned that some have already fallen victim.

One scam involved several fake Facebook accounts that claim to be the official acocunts of Mr Lim. A spokesman for Mr Lim said that he does not have any social media accounts. The scam has reportedly tricked one person into travelling overseas for a supposed meeting with Mr Lim, which never happened.

Another scam involved a claim that Mr Lim endorsed investments in a cryptocurrency, and has claimed at least one victim. Mr Lim has not endorsed such investments, said the spokesman.

The spokesman continued, “Mr Lim is concerned that unsuspecting members of the public may be misled by all these false claims and suffer personal losses. Members of the public are strongly advised to protect themselves against these false and misleading claims to avoid becoming potential victims of such scams. Netizens should also refrain from circulating and reposting these false claims.”

Bernard Lim

A.S.S. Contributor

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