This is the famous wanton mee stall in Tiong Bahru Hawker Centre. The queue is always long and you can wait for an hour or more to have your wanton mee.

The man is arrogant. The auntie is also rude and arrogant. Both speak English and they are supremely proud of their premium charsiew. If only they can treat their loyal customers with more kindness and less spicy remarks, it would be very nice.

The price has all gone up. There are three tiers of prices. Ordinary wanton mee now $3.50. A1 wanton mee $4.50. And the so called Premium Char Siew wanton mee is now priced at $6 and $11 !!! The man claimed that his charsiew is the BEST in the whole of Singapore. His attitude is haughty and he does not care whether you want to patronize his stall or not. The lady is equally rude and the long waiting customers will just give in and be humbled by their rudeness.Kwai kwai pay up and kwai kwai eat their wanton mee.

Why are successful hawkers so arrogant, so rude and so loud – showing their long faces despite customers queuing for hours to give them money!!! Singapore’s successful hawkers are really one kind. Some are downright rude and they should be avoided at all cost. What do you think? Should rudeness be counted as a demerit point for NEA to consider???

Thank you.

Lau Ah Kong
A.S.S. Contributor

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