Our son, Niall, is 2.5-year old and suffering from Autism. We have spent all our savings on his autism therapy until our doctor came back to us to reveal that Niall is also suffering from Grade 3 Cancer – Clear Cell Sarcoma.

As he is our only son, we took a loan of almost SGD 70,000 from our relatives, for his autism therapy and cancer treatment, and that leaves us totally broke. He already had one of his kidney removed and the doctors are suspecting that the cancer has spread to his lungs. He might need to go for another surgery to remove the tumour from his lungs.

Both my husband and myself are from Bangladesh, and we work with International NGO’s helping children including refugees, with focus on children nutrition. The ironic thing now is that we’ve been trying to help thousands of children, and yet, when it comes to our own boy, we’re totally helpless.

NUH had came back to us on his estimated bill to be approximately $210,000, and being foreigners staying in Singapore, we’re not entitled to any medical subsidies.

We don’t have any money left and nowhere to go for help now and he still has to undergo 29 more weeks of chemotherapy. It’s our only son and although he can’t talk, he is one of the sweetest and happiest boy you will ever meet.

I am pledging to everyone in this platform to save my only child’s life. He needs you and I want to hear him calling me Mum.

Please be so kind to help and no amount is too small to assist.

Thank you.

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