I ever witness my former malaysian colleague whom i brought him to ubin for fishing

We harbour at night at a broken lookalike jetty where there’s a few pontoon park near by and behind was a granite and very near to the main jetty

Initially i did not realised he was possess as i never bump into spirit or believe in such and he was quiet all along and seldom speak but do nod and smile at time when we are taking the boat from ubin back to changi village

Is only the next morning back at work, after i clock in and change my uniform at the counter and saw him clocking at the security counter but he was wearing T, shorts and slipper (usually he wear T, POLO T, pant or jeans with shoe) and keep smiling and talking to himself when i realised something is not right

After my colleague start to behave wierd, i tot he is like become bonkers. Next our sup and company send him to mount elizabeth for observation

His elder sis drop by at the hospital and ask me where we went the day before and i told her fishing and next she mention likely he was possess

Next i happen to call my best friend over the phone who was also the one who introduce me to ubin to fish

I did not told him about the incident and we were talking about fishing and he told me he bring one of his army pal whom happen to be a dangki who has third eye and he bring him to the same location and the dangki friend told him that place is quite dirty and saw a few spirit and he chant and also say he was there to fish and not disturb them and my best friend reveal there’s a shrine there at the corner which we did not realised

After what my best friend told me and so concidence the tragic event that happen to my colleague make me belief that place is haunted and the dangki is not lying

This post first appeared in a popular local forum.

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