Dear friends,

Last Friday (29th of September) as some of you know I had an accident around 5:35 am.

On my way to the meeting point with The Cranks, my bicycle team, after crossing Java junction with Nicoll highway I was hit from the back by a car.

I flew a couple of meters until I reach the pavement. Since it happens from behind, I didn’t have time to be aware of what was going on, and after the initial shock, I realized I was on the floor in the middle of the road.

The car who hit me was on my side, and I waved the driver asking him for help. He decided to run away, leaving me in the middle of Nicoll highway, helpless and in pain. As I could, I crawled to the side of the road to avoid being run over by other cars, at that point my bicycle was still in the middle of the road, so I decided to come back and get it out. When I did that, I realize that a part of his plate was beside my bicycle. Unfortunately, the first two numbers are missing.

As consequence of this, my right elbow got broken, both of my knees are injured along with my lower back and an overall pain in the body due to the impact.

Update: The police have found the Car/driver, and the investigation should be over within the next weeks.

I am still recovering, my elbow hurts, but slowly everything is coming back to normality.

Through this process, I have received help from many people, some of you that didn’t know me before my accident. I only can say thanks so much.

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