Dear A.S.S. Editor,

My Mac Pro was unable to start, so I sent back to Apple Orchard Road, after 2 weeks testing, they called me and said they are unable to locate the problem and advise me to buy an new iMac. They will not continue to diagnostic the Mac Pro as it’s time consuming and not worth it to repair it.

So my 7K customised Mac Pro has became a real trash can sitting in the box now.

It’s not your call to say it’s worth it to repair or not. At least you built the computer and you should tell me what’s wrong with it right?

I bought it on 31 Mar 2014 and it’s out of the 3 years Apple care. I have full diagnostic report. I sent in on 12 June 2017. I’m willing to pay to get fixed, worth it or not it’s not Apple’s call.

Although they said it’s GPU A and B seems corrosion, which is fine but replacing a new GPU doesn’t solved the problem. You can see the list and parts they changed, it’s more like a entire computer. And still, after changing all those parts, the problem persist and still unable to turn on the computer.

Then they “suggested” me not to continue repair and take it back. And tell me it would cost too much time for them and not worth it to repair.

So I took it back on 23 June 2017.

Of course, after changing all those parts listed, they didn’t solve the problem and they put back my original “problemed” parts and didn’t charge me anything.

But still, I expect a better service as you Apple built the computer yourself and you almost changed all major parts in a computer and you still couldn’t tell me the reason why it couldn’t power on.

And finally tell me not to continue diagnosis because it’s time consuming and YOU thought it’s not worth it to repair?

What kind of service is that?

A.S.S. Contributor

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