Dear A.S.S.,

I refer to the recent Khaw Boon Wan’s recent media outburst, complaining that Bukit Panjang LRT was built due to political pressure and the line is prone to faults due to many sharp turns and undulating terrain.

1) May I ask him, PAP always say they do what is right, never mind what people think, so is PAP just preaching wayang by putting it’s own interest first, making decisions based on which direction the political wind is

2) Isn’t it a failure of planning if the line contains many sharp turns, generating more wear and tear than a straight track which ultimately lead to more failures? Is he going to come up with the same excuses for downtown line 3 which is opening on 21 October? Look at the merry-go-round circuit where commuters looking to travel from east to west side of the island are forced to go on an extra 15min circular joy ride round CBD area. Can LTA explain it’s rationale for insisting on those sharp turns when the CBD is already so densely covered by MRT stations?

3) I am amused Khaw even suggested undulating terrain as a contribuory factor to the faults. Come on, the LRT line is built on elevated tracks, not at-grade road. The height of the supporting columns would have compensated the terrain factor such that the track elevation is almost flat. Unless, the line is badly contructed which LTA should have checked when taking over and before opening the line.

As a minister, Khaw has failed miserably. It seems he only know how to blame everyone else except himself.

Leong Wai Heng
A.S.S. Contributor

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