Dear Starhub,

I would like to just feedback on the service and the technical support that I have been receiving for the past few days with regards to my home broadband.

I have been experiencing intermittent speeds and even lack of internet connection at times.

My dad had called in a few times to the helpline and been through a number of troubleshooting with your technical support team but sadly the problem persists.

We have been told multiple times to restart of modem and router and that does not always solve our problem.

We are starting to get frustrated and disappointed with the quality of service we are receiving.

I don’t think its fair to us to be always told to restart our router and modem every time we called in whenever we faced a problem. I hope somebody can really look into this matter seriously.

I hope I am making a reasonable request here. All I need is just a stable internet connection.

Thanks for your attention and I hope to be hearing from Starhub soon to resolve this issue or we would have no choice but to consider other ISP when our contract is up.

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