I have been a loyal Singtel customer for many years and each year been under the Prestige programme. It is very disappointing that as a result of recent issues I have to take my business to another telco.

My line was terminated due to non-payment of bill in Sep because i have been overseas. When i came back, i realised this and wanted the linke back up so i proceeded to checking on the myAccount page the outstanding amount and paid that in full. On 2nd Oct i called Singtel to ask if they could assist with getting the line back up and after being transfered numerous times to various departments i finally managed to get someone who told me that there was a few hundred more outstanding in the account. This amount was not shown on myAccount page and i have screenshot proof of that.

The lady who spoke to me said because the line was terminated it’ll take 1 working day to reactivate and that i should get the line up by the next day. I waited for one day but still nothing. Eventually i had to call Singtel back again, but this time they started giving me some other story and kept repeating the stock standard reply of “you need to make the remainder payment before we can do anything”. Even after speaking to the supposed “highest authority” in customer service i got the same answer. THe issue here is:

1) Why did you guys promise me my line will be up in 1 day.
2) Amount shown to me on MyAccount was the full amount paid.
3) WHy did no one bother to call back and inform me of this issue but rather make me wait until i had to call back again to ask why the line wasnt up yet.
4) I presume singtel does not care about customer loyalty and keeping to promises made. Every answer i got was stock standard from some training manual and you guys dont even bother to consider the circumstances. I’m not even asking for special treatment but instead to stick to what you guys agreed.

Really very disappointed with Singtel

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