Am so disapointed with FlyScoot. As an airline I would have expected you to put in place a SOP for flight delays/ baggage delay/ any hiccups and BE empathetic towards your passengers who put their trust and money in you on their trips.

But #SCOOT FlyScoot my recent experience had been so bad that unless I am absolutely left with no choice, no amount of marketing and advertising or cheap promotion will make me fly with you again

#SORRYNOSORRY I understand delay happens and with budget airlines the chances of it happening is even higher,. I am prepare to deal with flight delay but the least you could do is to make it more pleasant for me. I was totally put off by how disorganized you are and the below par standard customer service I get from an airline.

1) You re-time me 3 times without giving a reason, i called your hotline to check on the re-timing and your guys handling the call wasn’t even sure about it.

2) The check in counter information shown on the airport screen and actual counter check in was not correct, right down to the very min it says the counter is open. We have to have the other airline counter staff telling us where to go

3) We were told to first stand aside to get the meal voucher but after waiting for about 10-15mins, your ground staff told us that it will be issued at gate within 30mins. When we went over to gate, no one was there to give it out, Finally we dont even see the meal vouchers – again no explanation given

3) You gave us a Flight delay notice that shows departure at Xtime, only to have us sit in the turmac for another hour or so and upon calling your CS to request for a revised flight delay notice i was told i need to wait another 5-7 working days

It probably will not matter to you that you had lost one customer since there are loads of people who will jump at the price promotion. But why spend money on marketing when you cant even get the basic right.


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