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A 12 year old boy was molested twice in two successive days by the same man in a lift. The first time it happened, the boy, out of fear, did not tell his parents. But when he was molested again the next day by the same man, he mustered up the courage and told his mother about the incidents.

29 year old Syed Hashim Wahid was jailed for eight months after he admitted to touching the victim in a lift at a block of flats in Woodlands on May 24, last year. The court was told that at about 8.50pm that day, the victim was cycling home after buying some groceries when he noticed Hashim standing near the rubbish chute area at the HDB block. Just as the victim wheeled his bicycle into the lift, Hashim followed him in and proceeded to strike up a conversation with the victim. As the lift was ascending, Hashim stretched out his hand and molested the victim. The victim reacted by immediately covering his groin area with his hand and Hashim retracted his hand.

The victim was scared and did not tell anyone. However, when the victim bumped into Hashim in the lift the next day and the same thing happened to him, he told his mother about the incidents. it was only a few days later that a neighbour called the police and reported the case.

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