Dear ICA Officers in Changi, Please do your assessment properly on the people you want to deport. Know what really is their purpose in coming to your country and do not discriminate, nor act rudely. Please be fair-minded and use your brains logically in your decisions.

We went back to our hometown 30th of September to celebrate my wife’s birthday and wants to spend her birthday with our 9 month old son whom we missed for a few months. We plan to take our son with us for the whole month of October since it is also my birth month and one of my cousin volunteered to help us take care of our son since the nanny/domestic helper we applied in MOM is still processing and haven’t approved yet which obviously is not her. We went back and arrived in SG 1st of Oct midnight with my wife, my baby and my lady cousin.

I am ONLY a foreign worker here for 4 years and got my baby a dependent pass under me. My wife is currently working in SG too for 7 years and got her own pass. My cousin is not working nor did not finish school and has a family. My cousin’s Last name and birth place is same as mine. She got hold by an immigration officer and went inside the interview room and to our surprise after waiting for an hour or so, the officer said she will be deported. I asked why, what could be the reason, and that she will not look for a job here since she is not qualified and that is not her purpose, she has a return ticket too. I told the officer that she will help us take care of our baby for 29 days and we want to spend my birthday with my baby.

I told the officer the difficulty if she will be deported which will make us book a ticket and return back our baby on the next day too. Told him that we just stayed over the weekend in our hometown to celebrate my wife’s birthday with my son and be with him just for a month until the nanny application will be approved. The officer said we need not wait for her and ask politely if we could talk to the deciding officer or talk to my cousin since she doesn’t talk english well and doesn’t have the proper budget of going back alone.

The officers are heartless and said that it is confidential. I want to yell, scream and tell the officer what if he is on my shoes. But I kept calm and thought of our future. We cannot do anything, baby cried, mother and father also cried, we are helpless and just a foreigner in your beloved country. I asked my cousin about what happened to her and she has been informed that she is not illegible to stay in Singapore for more than 7 days with no other apparent reason. I now need to send my baby back to my hometown, take an emergency leave and disrupt my job schedule for the week.

I thought SG is a family friendly country as what the government always advertise. I am not after fame. I just want to remind you all that you need to learn how to symphatize and review your mission, vision and values. Your job is to secure Singapore’s borders against the entry of undesirable people and not against normal and righteous people.


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