Dear A.S.S. Editor,

On 25/09/2017, I went to ST POWERED to change my car exhaust.

Initially the mechanics didn’t mention anything about needing to change the mounting. After they installed the new exhaust, they told me that my mounting needs to be change, but given the timing that day, it’s almost impossible to find a garage that specialize in exhaust to buy what was needed to be change. so the mechanics at ST POWERED suggested to me that they lend me a rubber piece to use for the time being. They mentioned that it can be used for at least one or two days before the plastic starts to melt.

The following day i’m busy so i didn’t leave my house, the day after i straight go to the garage that i always went to, when i arrived there the plastic already melted and it affected my reflector. So the mechanics at my garage told me that i’ve to change the reflector there’s no any other way other than changing it.

So i called to ST POWERED and raise the issue to them. They immediately push responsibility and told me that it was not their fault that the plastic melted. After talking for awhile, they asked me how i would like them to resolve the issue, i mentioned to them that i want a compensation. They said that they couldn’t compensate me in money wise, the only way they can compensate me is i buy the reflector from elsewhere and bring it to them, they install for me however, i wouldn’t trust them with my car again so i demand cash compensation.

They couldn’t make any decisions regarding the cash compensation so they said that they would call me back the next day which is on 28/09 but they didn’t. so i gave them a call yesterday and asked them about the issue, they shouted saying that they would not compensate a single cent and even told me that before i send my car for repair i should ask them first.

so the conclusion is, their mechanics are not even experience enough yet they didn’t even apologize for this issue. so to all car lovers, if you wanna change your exhaust, please think twice about going there.

Daphne Yeo
A.S.S. Contributor

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