Dear A.S.S.,

On the 25th of September, I was in the basement 1 of Bugis Junction, on the way to the carpark. Passing by the food stores, I decided to have an ice cream from this place called Awesome Coffee (big mistake!!)

I called the slack-arsed female staff over who didn’t look like she was interested to serve anyone. And told her I would like a scoop of ice cream. I noticed that there were many balls of ice cream already scooped up. This meant that the staff were lazy to scoop up ice cream freshly upon order. Pre-scooped ice cream. Another problem was that when you pre-scoop ice cream this way…. that little ball of ice cream would be interacting with all the air in the chiller, causing it to go stale faster. And also absorb the smell of the chiller. Just like an ice cube would absorb the smells of a fridge.

So I ordered a ‘Ferrero Rocher’ flavoured ice cream. She pumped 2 – 3 pumps of chocolate fudge syrup. I paid and left.

After taking a few steps…. I tasted the ice cream and it was completely stale. Not only that, the smell of the hazelnuts was rancid. Rancidity is caused when things go stale and turn bad. Especially nuts and the oils in them.

I turned and took a few steps back to the store immediately and told the staff that I would like to change my ice cream because this really tasted bad. (Not as in I don’t like the flavour, but it was already bad and stale).
She told me that I cannot change. Because ‘this is the flavour’. (Oh really? How about just robbing a bank instead of selling stale food products and refusing to change? Just want customers to eat stale food and take our money. WTF. The really deserve to be shut down).

I insisted because it is not me being a poor customer. But because they are selling food that cannot be eaten.

She reluctantly took the cup of ice cream from me, and unhappily tossed it into the bin. (Huh!??) Then she walked over to the chiller and coldly said ‘Actually you can taste the ice cream first’. (Oh I see, BLAMING the customer for trusting your store’s product, assuming it is of an edible quality).

So I tasted one of the flavours and I said it was ok. And she took one of the pre-scooped balls, put it into the cup and gave it to me. And walked off. Huh?

So I asked politely for her to put the chocolate fudge syrup as it rightly should be served.

She came back, took the cup, pumped ONE pump of the syrup and while my hand was outstretched to collect it from her, she TOSSED the cup of ice cream on the surface and turned around and walked away.

Seriously WTF Awesome Coffee? Your customers are beggars now? Not a word of apology for your shitty inedible products, and still you treat your customers like beggars??? Ridiculous!

Then I asked her if she was unhappy. And that I didn’t do anything wrong towards her. Then she told me that I disturbed her when she was closing the accounts. (Huh!!!!???) And her face was so SMUG! Simply amazing! I didn’t even want the ice cream anymore.

I decided to complain about the extremely shitty service, and went to their facebook page to find their contacts. Guess what? Here is the best part.

On their business Facebook page, the ‘management’s contact number’ is actually FAKE! I called the number listed and an old uncle picked up the phone, spoke in Mandarin and told me it was the wrong number! Wow.

Then I read the reviews. There are numerous other 1-star negative feedbacks! One lady stated that she bought a stale cake and was waiting for an acknowledgement from the management, an apology or a refund. Till date, NOTHING, not even an apology from the management! This review was from 2015! Seriously: screw up big time! Another review stated that their cheesecake was hard and old. Ignored. Another review stated that their cheesecake was stale! Ignored. And another one also complained about the cakes being stale. Ignored.

This company does not give a hoot about customer feedback at all! Definitely something fishy!

I left a complain about my experience, and a review. Now, I no longer care about the management taking action. But my review is to WARN OTHER CONSUMERS and CUSTOMERS.

Guess what happened next? THE COMPANY DELETE THEIR ENTIRE FACEBOOK PAGE!!!! To hide my review…… they actually deleted their entire business facebook page which has been in existence for 4 years!

Surely this food store and its management has something seriously wrong to hide! NEA must definitely launch an investigation against them for the safety of all consumers in Singapore.

If not for the fact that the staff was so f***ed up in her behaviour towards their customer, as per their management hiding and shirking responsibilities, I would not have needed to make this announcement to all of Singapore to warn them.

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