Dear ASS Editors,

Would like to share my story about a rude vice principal at a childcare centre. I believe all parents will love to enrol their kids to a nearer childcare but not many are lucky to have a slot nearer to home. Hence, parents got no choice to enrol their kids further away until theres slot vacancy at a nearer childcare.

So I tried to withdraw my kid from the current childcare when I got a vacancy from another sch and got nasty treatment by the vice principal.

Me to Principal: I would like to withdraw my girl as theres a slot at a nearer school but the CSO told me its 2 mths notice. Any way I can appeal to 1 mth?
Principal: No.
Me: Any person I can talk to?
Principal: No. our policy is 2 mths. Stated in the handbook.
Me: Ya I understand but can be flexible?
Principal: No.

I then went out of the office, called the HQ and asked. (The sch had given me wrong info before previously) the HQ said accordance to the handbook is 1 mth. She even check with Operations side and said should be 1 mth.

I went back to the office and told the Principal what the HQ pple said. I was then sitting in her room and She gave me a frustrating face and asked me to sit outside. She purposely talk so loudly to let me hear.

“I told this parent can’t already. She keep insist is 1 month. (I insist cos the HQ told me so) She last minute want to withdraw. I told her NO already. The policy should be bla bla bla. She is in my ofc now. Can’t withdraw.”

The tone is so bad that she sarcastically said to the person on the phone “she is here beside me now.” I believe the other person on the line asked her then how come she talk like that. Then she answered “ my ofc is just so small”.
Well.. I’m not here to listen to u proving urself right. I said I understand the policy but can I appeal?

In the end, the cluster head spoke to me, asked me to write a letter for appeal and submit on monday. Alright. Then the principal say sarcastically again so is no promise ah… i only ask to appeal.. but u did nothing and brush me off keep saying no. I called the HQ cos last time also gave me wrong info. She still can reply me I got call the cluster head for u what. No! Is only after I called HQ then she not happy and call to verify.

Last time they gave me the wrong info, resulting I keep paying the wrong amt for 2 mths. Until I check with ECDA then they refund me the money. If i nvr check, i will still be paying more than what I have to and got cheated by them. Even the HQ doesn’t know the answer which I have to call another sch for answer, i have to check to check with ecda then I can get the correct answer. How to trust the school like this?

Seriously, the vice principal is very unprofessional to talk like that to a parent. Just because the school can’t hit quote? Or because u do not want to ruin reputation because theres withdrawal? I don’t know why but its very obvious to prove urself right? So the other cc can’t wait for 2 mths and this current cant withdraw 1 mth.. then how?

All parents want a nearer school isnt it? How can a vp with this attitude to lead the team? I also seen how attitude she talked to her staff. The principal before her is so good that she can be seen walking around the class to see the kids and teachers with a smile. But this current vp, I never seen her walk around, everytime in the office, dont smile. A childcare centre should be a happy place for everyone. But this vp makes the place so tense up. I can give names of mummies who mentioned this vp is rude to them as well. The vp represents the sch. Even is policy, u can talk nicely.

Posted in fb and received many comments. This vp is unethical.

Would like to be anonymous to protect my kid who is still there.

Thank you.

Best Regards,
Upset Mummy
A.S.S. Contributor

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