Yesterday, upon landing, there was a toddler of 19 months squirming in her mothers’ lap and as she was buckled up for landing , she began to cry n scream in ernest.

She screamed and buckled n fidget throughout the 20 minutes of landing time, big fat tears rolling down her face. Pushing and trying to slip the infant seat belt down her legs, looking for freedom.

The mother, a petite lady who looked like she’s in her 30s, tried her best to hold on to the little squirming, screaming bundle, consoling her child and managed to time n again put the seatbelt back on her childs’ waist. She hold her child gently, had her head to her childs’ and whispered softly the whole time. But the child was beyond consoling. She wanted to be freed.

At this moment, all the passengers Ard them are taking deep breaths of air for patience and some gave the mother empathetic glances. I was clucking n cooing trying to distract the child at where I was seated but no, she wasn’t buying that.

I was admiring the mothers’ patience cos if it was me, I would have smacked maximus right across the bum.

Then i realised, that mother was crying. Silent tears of helplessness as she can only watch her child cry in distress. My heart broke that instant. I can only hope that our gate will not be too far away.

Chocks on, seat belt sign went off. I went to the mother, rubbed her arms and told her,

“You did a great job.”

She began crying in ernest because of my words and/or from the relief that the flt was over. She stood up, holding her child close to her n sob into her childs’ shoulders. I felt tears rushing to my eyes cos as a mother myself, I knew exactly how she felt. I hid behind the curtain, composed myself and went back to the mother to tell her what a good job she had done.

I’m thankful that my pax yesterday were all extremely understanding. No one berated her for not being able to control her child. No one gave her dirty looks.

People need to know that it’s not easy to travel alone with young children. Please give them more support the next time u see a mother struggling with a child. Be it a kind word of encouragement, or offering to hold the child for a few moments while the mother have her meal, would be a great help to the mother.


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