#CAGED… My hope is that you read this to the end & share…

Everyday I am asked by members of the public, what is the outcome of the meeting with the Ministry of National Development? It has been 2 weeks, so I will try to convey what has transpired.

Although I was repeatedly told by 80% of the public that the visit by Minister Lawrence Wong would be a PR stunt & only 20% thought that the Minister reaching out to The Cat Museum, Muses & Mansion of Singapore would mean wonderful things for the future of the Lion City Kitties in Singapore, I chose to HOPE that the latter would be true…

2 weeks ago, on Fri 15 September, he accepted my invitation to visit and I did my best to convey that there was never any deliberate intention to operate the ‘business’ outside of the regulations. My home is NOT a business & fostering cats in residential premises happens throughout Singapore. MND was not able to provide any evidence contrary to this.

I made a personal appeal to Minister Wong to help clear my name as my reputation & family have been affected but to no avail. After what I thought was a fruitful opportunity to clarify what had happened in the last 3 years, these 2 letters arrived from MND. These & subsequent correspondences can be read here.

To say I am sad & disappointed, is an understatement. Like the animals you are probably going to see at adoption drives all over Singapore, Singapore is #CAGED. Trying to do good in Singapore, Singapore has been a challenge, even if it is with your own hard earned savings. God forbid, if you are perceived as “different” & try to let people see animals “free of cages” & allow their true nature to shine… to focus on #compassion, #kindness & #generosity so that we can evolve as a nation…

To Minister K Shanmugam Sc, thank you for at least allowing this dream to see 2.5 good years.

To The Straits Times & Mediacorp 8频道新闻新加坡 Channel 8 news news here’s the FULL story.

To Prime Minister’s Office (Singapore), no amount of “innovation & entrepreneurship” encouraged in our top universities will help if we continue to operate in a BOX with bars all around…

To the kindness of strangers, volunteers & fans from around the world, during this painfully difficult past month, I say a tearful thank you, which hardly seems enough… BUT know this, without your STRENGTH, I would not have prevailed… I will fight on.

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