This is the second time l have encountered such a situation with Grab SG and l decided to screenshot as proof.

The first time, l was at Wisma. When l got the driver, he called me and said that he has to pay for the erp in order to pick me and wanted me to reimburse him. In response, l told him l am not going to pay for it and he shouldn’t have taken up the job if he don’t intend to pay for it. l ask him to cancel the job because l am not going to cancel it as it is not my fault. 10 mins passed, l called him and he didn’t pick up my phone so l messaged him a few times to reiterate my position. My last message to him was: Okie, you want to play, l will play with you. Then l went to Wisma starbucks and started working on my laptop. At Deloitte, l have been trained to be able to work anywhere anytime as long as l have my laptop and mobile with me.

I saw on the gps map he was circulating around in the same position. After one hour he canceled the job.

This time, similar situation happened. The driver did not response to my calls and text but drove further away from my location. If you don’t want the job, don’t take it and yes again l have my laptop with me.

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