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The MRT trains are breaking down so frequently now, that it has probably become a part of our life. An irritating part, but it surprises no one anymore whenever the MRT lines suffer a disruption. In fact, it has become such a part of life that even the Examinations Board, SEAB has issued a statement saying that students taking exams do not need to produce any excuse sheet as proof of lateness.

This statement came as a latest in a series of breakdowns happened yesterday on the morning rush hour time on the East West Line. The track point fault lasted for about three hours. Yesterday also happened to be the first day for written papers for the PSLE, with the English language exam held yesterday morning. The GCE O-level Music Performing examination was also held yesterday morning.

This is the second time that there have been train delays on the day of a PSLE exam. On Aug 18, some candidates taking the PSLE oral examination reported late due to a train disruption on the North-South Line and Downtown Line.

SEAB said that it has been working with schools to advise candidates to plan for sufficient travel time, and the steps that they should take if affected by train service disruptions. Candidates would be given the full duration of time for the paper, no matter what time they start, it said.

But what all this failed to address, and the authorities need to take note of this, is that students in Singapore are already a very stressed bunch. What with a major exam and getting stuck on trains, will just add on to the stress of these students. And there were no proper apologies from the guilty party. If there are many bad results from yesterday’s exams, we know who to blame.

Wendy Han

A.S.S. Contributor

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