What SMRT can do:

1. tie up with all taxi companies to standby to help all these students. Once they receive any news of breakdown, taxi immediately appear to pick up those students who need to attend any exam! Create a student’s taxi stand now !!!

2. SMRT make arrangements with MOE and prepared a aircon room just for those students who stuck at MRT station to take their exam in the MRT station ! So students will not so be stressed if they know they can take exam anytime any place !!

3. Prepare SMRT buses solely main for students to island wide schools. Of course must be the the shortest routes to reach schools.

4. Not advice to use private car pools .
… Safety for the kids. Kids will be more stress for taking unknown stranger’s vehicles and parents also worry about it.

….anything happens who will be responsible for it ???

Conclusion : SMRT has to solely responsible for it. Either they solve their issue or stop their operations! We have given long time for them to solve yet getting worse! ! Suggest SMRT has to take precautions and prepare ultimate solution as abv mentioned during exam periods, do not wait and see or guessing will MRT breakdown during exam periods! ?It is very stressful to all kids and parents!!

Immediate corrective action has to be done now !!!

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