Dear A.S.S. Editor,

LTA & TP PLEASE assist to enforce all the heavy vehicles especially lorries to do a mandatory check on the maximum speed so that all the heavy vehicles stick to its legal speed of 60km/h or 70km/h.

It’s a common sight nowadays for us motorists to spot any heavy vehicles such as the tipper truck travelling on the 1st lane on the expressway.

Majorities of them always keep on the 2nd lane on the right, which is still not meant for them. They should instead keep to the last lane.

Have you ever wonder why they are able to travel on the fast lanes on the right ?

It’s because most of them do not have the mandatory speed cut, either they have removed themselves, or LTA & TP failed to check.

During the required inspection of the heavy vehicles, the inspection centre failed to do so.

Thus, heavy vehicles are traveling faster and faster and it’s very dangerous for us a road user.

Both 12ft & 14ft trunks can be seen traveling as fast as 90-120km/h.

Such examples can be commonly seen in Tuas area, etc.

They have no regards on the traffic laws, cutting lanes and refusing to give way.

But authorities like the Traffic Police are ignoring it.

Tipper trunks can be seen with overloading of sands, muds around Changi & Tuas area, overtaking each other.

Overturning of such tipper trunks are nothing new and they cause huge congestion due to its spill and road closure.

In addition, the number of heavy vehicles getting into accident are increasing.

So peeps that are worried about this issue please share to the rest of the world.

Nick Yong
A.S.S. Contributor

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