This is my first post in this forum. I am job hunting for a fitting position in Singapore. I’ve applied to a lot of positions but I have not gotten any feedback at all.

Age: 30
Sex: Male
Nationality: Zambian
Qualifications: BSc Hons Computing Degree + Advanced Diploma Computer Engineering (Both UK)
Speciality: IT Infrastructure Management
Experience: 8 years

Thing is I have good exposure and skills for the majority of jobs I have been applying to but I have struck no luck. I know it’s a competitive job market out there, are there any reputable SG recruitment agencies you can advise I sign up with that can give me a better success rate?


Unfortunately for you, I judge that your chances of being able to find a job and employment pass are going to be very low.

First, infrastructure jobs are leaving Singapore, both because companies are moving servers, etc to co-located mega datacenters or moving them out of the country entirely… think Malaysian technology corridor.

Second, more and more infrastructure is being remotely managed and configured, usually from tech centers in the Philippines, India, or Malaysia.

Third, when it is actually necessary to go onsite, the tasks are being farmed out to rented suppliers who work for multiple different clients. It takes fewer and fewer techs to manage infrastructure directly onsite anywhere.

IF you are fortunate enough to find someone interested in you, you’re going to have to compete against plenty of local talent, as well as foreign talent from India and elsewhere. Without a differentiator, and being as you are not local in town, you are will find an uphill battle to be selected.

Finally, the company that wants to hire you must apply for and receive an employment pass for you. Over and above the fact that the government wants companies to hire locals, you have a second strike against you… you’re not from the “usual” countries where IT people come from. MOM may decide you don’t fit in.

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