A female netizen became the target of an online stalker and extortionist, who tried to blackmail her for nude photos of herself, so she turned to a famous "white hacker" in Singapore. With his help, she managed to identify the criminal and report him to the police!
According to a post by former SMRT Feedback admin and co-founder, Azly J. Nor., he revealed how he managed to track down the anonymous blackmailer. Approaching the case like a seasoned police officer, he asked relevant questions that helped narrow down the suspects behind the account.
Then by using white hat hacking skills, he managed to obtain the IP address and other details of the anonymous blackmailer, which the female netizen could then use to report to the police.
Azly wrote in his post: "Over the weekend, I decided to be morally righteous for a bit to track down an anonymous pervert. Don't get me wrong. I'm not the police. But I've come to realise that in cases like these, there are really no other avenues for the victim to seek help from if she has little to no evidence."

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