43 year-old Quek Chin Fern was jailed for 4 weeks yesterday for a rash act that resulted in hurt to Mr Jazz Tan Ti Jie, 29, after a minor traffic accident.

Quek, who was then a private-hire car driver, had swerved into the rightmost lane of Yishun Ring Road, causing an accident with Tan’s car. When Mr Tan asked her for her particulars after the accident, she gave him only her mobile number and tried to rush off. However, Mr Tan called for the police and attempted to block her car from moving by standing behind it.

She eventually reversed her car until the back bumper came into contact with Mr Tan’s knees.

When she attempted to go forward, Mr Tan went in front and blocked her car from moving again. She again drove her vehicle until her front bumper came into contact with his knees.

She did this for another 50 meters until Mr Tan relented because he felt pain in his left knee and his left shoe was squashed under the tyre of Quek’s car.

Quek’s lawyer claimed she was “on-the-clock” and rushing off to earn her fares and also produced reports diagnosing her with emotionally unstable personality disorder and major depressive disorder. Quek was also allegedly undergoing severe emotional stress after discovering her husband had been having an affair. Her husband subsequently died in February 2013 and she was too distraught to work, her lawyer added.

The maximum penalty for committing a rash act is one year’s jail and a $5,000 fine.

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