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The trailer that broke down while exiting a construction site along Upper Serangoon Road, was understood to be carrying concrete slabs. It was turning out of a construction site for Build-To-Order development Alkaff Vista onto Upper Serangoon Road when it broke down because of a mechanical fault.

The breakdown caused a massive jam, with commuters complaining that they were stuck in traffic for more than half an hour. Bus services plying the Upper Serangoon Road also had to be temporarily suspended, as the road was not passable to traffic.

At around 10:30 am today, the trailer was seen taking up all four lanes of the road towards the direction of Serangoon Road. Police officers were on the scene, directing vehicles to a road diversion via a single lane on the opposite direction of the major road.

The trailer was eventually towed away at 11:30 am, opening the road to traffic once again.

Elly Martin

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