Singaporean YouTuber Steven Lim has revealed on his Facebook that he had been asked by fellow Singapore idol contestant and runner up Sylvester Sim to back out of the celebrity kickboxing match organized by start up Asia Fighting Championship.

According to Steven Lim, the fight “is totally real. Same as the rest of the fighter bouts. It has been real since Sylvester asked his manager to find me to fight me in ring from start. If it is not real, why he is so worried about no insurance fight with me?! Becos when a fight is real, somebody is bound to get hurt. And yes, Sly is v afraid to fight a ring with me without any insurance becos of his family. He wants me to back out with him.”

He explained that he did not want to pull out of the fight because he was afraid of letting his fans down.

He also lambasted critics who criticized them for lacking martial arts skills, insisting that both he and the recently deceased Pradip Subramanian had undergone real martial arts coaching before the fight.

“Since we agree to fight in the ring, we need to take the real risk and chances of being paralyzed, broken bone or even death. Fighting itself is a very strenuous n tiring sports, if u r too tired, of cos our actions n guard become lethargic. Some other championship competitors even took the chance to unreasonably shoot at us when they dunno the whole story,” he said.

He also paid tribute to his deceased opponent, calling him a “respected fearsome warrior”, adding that he is “a no quitter fearless fighter too.”

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