Dear A.S.S. Editor

I’m an SCDF NSF who recently ORD and wish to share some insights of the night duty, especially having to deal with party goers from Clark Quay/Mohd Sultan.

I felt that as an emergency paramedic supposed to deal with life threatening situations, instead it is totally a waste of time when resources have to be dispatched to attend to drunken who’re either unresponsive due to severe intoxication or get injured due to provoked fighting.

I’m like, they totally deserve it right and why should taxpayer or emergency personnel have to pick up their shit? They won’t be in this mess if they’d only behave themselves and read holy books! The Government and President Halimah should start legislating that such incidents be dealt with solely by 1777 non-emergency ambulances and not overburden an already overworked, underpaid Healthcare System.

Muhd Amin

A.S.S. Contributor

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