A netizen shared his dilemma of going overseas with a female friend who he knows is attached. The pair are planning to go to London and intend to share the same hotel room as rooms in London are expensive.

However, he finds himself in a bind because he is worried that her boyfriend, who is an army regular, will be jealous.

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“This friend of mine is quite the happy go lucky type, very spontaneous.. one day we were having lunch and talking about travelling she got very excited.

i randomly said, why not lets go to london and tour the museums! she was like omgomg yes lets go!!!

somehow we ended up booking the tickets. about to fly in november. but she has a bf so its a bit

How should we handle the hotel booking? i told her better share room, london hotel not cheap and she seems okay with it.

Her BF is army regular, later he angry how… or is it not my business?”

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